Dread & Headshop

Me(Heidi) and Vicci are opening a lifestyle shop called Dreads & Headshop in Kokkola come September!

We will be offering you beautiful handmade crochet dreadlocks and braids of synthetic fiber in ready made sets or singles! Also wooden beads and earplugs made in Kokkola by a finnish caveman. Our dreadlocksetsare designed for both partialstyles and for coveridge of a whole head, these sets you will find for sale both online and in the shop.

You can book an installation of a dreadsetor boxbraids at our shop, and we’ll fix you right up professionally! Or just come by to check out our amazing shop collection and curiosa!

Like that ain’t enough, Vicci and I will also be selling a wide selection of headshop products(K18) provided by Smowgli Headshop from Vaasa!

You will find us at Isokatu5 , 67100 Kokkola

Contact and bookings: shop@rootsandcolor.com

Grand Opening 7/9 at 12.00! + Party in the evening (Find our event on facebook to know more)

Shop Opening hours Mon-Fri 12-18



Heidi Stenberg

Dreadlocks Artist & CEO

Roots&Color studio in Jakobstad, Finland

Dreads&Headshop in Kokkola, Finland