I attended Dreadlockcourse for professionals Sept 14-20-2017 in Stockholm, Sweden for Ann-marie Seienstyle, Dreadstuff

Professional Dreadlockservice

In 2017 I attended Seienstyles Professional Dreadlockcourse and I am now an cerified Seienstyleaffiliate. Ever since then I have been working away using my skills to do what I love, evolve, grow and create beautiful dreadlocks that reflects you! Dreadlocks that you can take pride in wearing as I do creating. The dreamhair that will make you feel confident and empowered! To me it’s like making art, an individual piece, just like we are. I have been working with hair for over ten years and I find that it plays a big roll in how we feel about our selves. We reach our best self when we FEEL like our best self, that means no dream or investment is to big, silly or whatever prejustice there might be, in making the most of yourself and feeling good about it!

Services offered at Roots & Color studio in Jakobstad:

Dreadlocks on your own hair. Price: 300-450€
you’ll need to have shoulder length (25-30cm) to start with. Time estimation 6-8hours.

Dreadlocks with extensions. Price: 550-750€ inkl ext.hair
you’ll need to have a minimum length of 10cm on your own hair. Time estimation 9-11hours

Extending already existing dreadlocks. Price: 350-500€ inkl ext.hair

Dreadlock maintenance, repair and care. Price: 180-300€
Time estimation is depending on hairquality, dreadlockamount and condition, 3-6hours

Partial dreadlocks. Price: 250-300€ inkl ext. hair
Dreadlocks on part of your head, like a dreadhawk with shaved sides or 2-3 rows of dreads in the neck to mix and match a boho look with your loose hair on top. Time estimation 3-6hours

Extending dreadlocks with loose hair for long wispy tips. Price: 150-250€ inkl ext. hair
This is a style that makes for a flowy look, especially if you have some loose hair in the front/on top of your head it comes together to a really cool boho look.

Dreadlock decorations

*All synthetic dreadsets , installs and boxbraiding from Dreads&Headshop! Opening in Kokkola this September!*

This is how Ann-marie, Seienstyle CEO describes the dreadlock technique we are using:

“The method that I have developed works like this – I start by tying a synthetic fiber thread close to the scalp and then the dread builds up by me backcombing and crocheting the hair together with the help of a unique crocheting technique to the desired shape that you want.This technique works on all types of hair, it doesn’t matter if you have typically thin Scandinavian hair, Asian, Latin or if you have Afro hair, this method works on everybody!”

So it is a mixed technique of root tying, backcombing and crocheting. This makes for an even round dreadlock that will mature both fast and beautifully!

Keep in mind that dreadlocks shrink and when locking up your hair you loose 1/4 – 1/3 part of the original length. The recommendation is that you should have at least shoulder length hair (25-30cm) to lock up your own hair into dreads. However using real human hair extensions you can lock up your hair into long dreadlocks at the minimum length of 10cm. In dreadlockextensions I always use real human hair only because that will mature the same as your own hair and give a natural long lasting result.

Your hair is the crown you never take of, and no dream is to big so don’t hesitate to contact me with your wishes and I’m sure we can make them come thru!

Get in contact today with your questions, enquiries, price estimation on your hair or/and feedback HERE!

For bookings and consultations email me on: heidi@rootsandcolor.com

Natural hair means loving your roots!


Heidi Stenberg

Dreadlocks Artist & CEO

Roots&Color studio in Jakobstad, Finland

Dreads&Headshop in Kokkola, Finland