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More is more, temporeraly with synthetic dreadlocks!


Synthetic dreadlocks, is it’s own artform and definitely serves it’s own purpose!

Lately I have felt inspired to play with the synthetics, and for me they come in handy for special occasions since big hair and alot of volume gives me that extra confidenceboost I sometimes need to handle life.

Personally I love to mix it up, a little loose hair combined with beautiful flowy dreadlocks and a couple of synthetics for some color-pop, or why not for that crazy volume you only see in pictures and would’nt want to carry around for more then one festivalseason. The different textures makes it unavoidable to look at!

With synthetic dreadlocks you can just go crazy and showcase both insane colors and unrealistic volume , safely and temporeraly!

Nowadays there is such a variety of styles when it comes to dreadlocks, only your fantasy is the limit really, and since we all have 99 problems our hair should NOT be one! So I say live out your fantasies, and learn what works for your energy and why.

A partialset is perfect for the hesitant one, when you’r not quite ready to commit and lock up your own hair but reeeeally want to try it on and see if it fits. Most likely you will end up wanting the real deal even more, or then you just have this amazing memory from that one summer when you rocked that boholook.

I like to make partial bohosets, I do all the colorblends myself, crochet with the tecnique i’ve learned from the best and put a lot of love in making the set come together with my signatur on them to then let go to someone who appreciates the magic.

Of course I also offer the installation of the sets I make or if you order one from far you should know that they are real easy to put in to your already existing dreads. In loose hair it’s a little trickier and you will prob need some help with that, but either way you’ll find tons of tutorials on youtube, i’ll make my own for you one day soon. You wear the synthetic dreadlocks for about 2-4 months depending on your hairgrowth just as with any temporery hairextension. After that you can just reinstall them closer to the root again.

As in right now i’m hosting a GIVE AWAY of a custom dreadset made by me, on my Instagram and Facebook! It’s open for entering until the 1th of March!


More is more, temporeraly with synthetic dreadlocks!2019-02-15T22:50:38+02:00
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