If it doesn’t nourish your soul or your hair, let it go

A little about me

Hey you, my name is Heidi, I am an dreadlockartist, certified seienstyleaffiliate and shop owner of the:

Roots&Color studio in Jakobstad, Finland and

Dreads&Headshop in Kokkola, Finland

This is what I love doing, to create beautiful, strong and healty hairstyles that reflects you! A hairstyle that you can take pride in wearing as I do creating.

I have been a hairdresser since 2007 and always loved working with my hands! After some time the conventional beautyindusty started to feel shallow and I felt disconnected, missing my passion. That’s when I found the ecohairdresser course for hairdressers and emediatly I felt my calling again in the mindset of apprechiating what with have and making the most of it! The technique of working mindfully and choosing natural solutions instead of chemical manitipuling gave my work the deeper meaning that I was missing. I have been working with hair for over ten years now and I find that it plays a big roll in how we feel about our selves. We reach our best self when we feel like our best self! I want to help you make nice with your hair, minimyes the bad hairdays and feel good about your appierence as it is so strongly connected to the self.

I love that I am constantly learning more and not only about hair, It means a lot to me that you choose to spend your time with me and every customer meeting is unique. You´ll find that the Roots&Color studio is a warm welcoming hairsalon meant to feel like a chill livingroom where you can relax and be yourself as I do.

I specialized in beautiful empowering dreadlocks in Stockholm at Seienstyles professional dreadlocourse in 2017 and are now a Seienstyleaffiliate, to read more go to Dreadlocks

If you have any questions about starting your dreadlock journey, need a touch up or interested in learning about organic dreadlock care you can contact me here

I would love to help you start your dream hair journey!

Invest in your hair, It is the crown you never take off!

All the Love , Heidi

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Heidi Stenberg

Dreadlocks Artist & CEO

Roots&Color studio in Jakobstad, Finland

Dreads&Headshop in Kokkola, Finland